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The colourful story of Teresa

It all began when Anu Sunil stitched a beautiful baby dress for her niece. The child looked like a little angel and everybody was full of praise and admiration for her craft. Apart from her fine designing skills, a lot of love and attention to detail had gone in making it. And it was with the same passion, she soon started designing salwars and sarees for a closed group of family and friends.

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Our collections come from all over India and our inspiration comes from you.

It is said that what you wear is what you are. Whether it be sarees that define class and style or salwars that radiates confidence, Teresa has a wide collection to choose from. If you are in a mood to mix-n-match, we have a wide collection of fabrics and the best designers in our studio waiting to delight you with the latest trends. Weddings, holy communion, baptism- whatever be your occasion Teresa has the knack of getting you the perfect style in the perfect fit.

Designer Studio

A special occasion calls for a special dress

Yes. That is true! Which is why we have the best designers for you! They will assist you from choosing the right fabric to the best trendy design. Our experienced tailors and embroiderers will enthrall you with their craft. Your dress will tell the story of the special occasion- be it a wedding, holy communion, baptism or your first day in your new job! Don’t forget to visit the studio on the second floor of our shop in Thodupuzha.